Dedusting system for Świt in Ełk

Ecoserv carried out an investment task for the “ŚWIT” Housing Cooperative in Ełk, consisting in the “Modernisation of the dedusting system for WR10 boiler no. 2” in the heating plant of the “ŚWIT” Housing Cooperative.

The works related to the investment were carried out based on a contract concluded in July 2022 and ended with the commissioning of the system in December of the same year.

The net contract amount was approximately PLN 1,400,000.
The aim of the investment was to build a complete dedusting system in a configuration of full vertical bag filters with online pulse regeneration, permanently ensuring that dust levels below 30 mg/m3u are achieved in all conditions of normal boiler operation.

Scope of works

  1. Preparation and delivery of complete documentation necessary for the proper execution of the task including, in particular:
    • detailed designs of all branches,
    • technical and operation documentation and manuals for the installed machinery and equipment,
    • operating, overhaul, and maintenance manuals for the complete system,
    • as-built documentation,
    • acceptance and commissioning documentation, including acceptance measurements of guaranteed parameters.
  2. Execution of construction, preparation, and demolition works:
    • dismantling of the existing 2nd stage dedusting system, including flue gas fan, flue gas damper, and ducting within the scope of supply,
    • adaptation of existing foundations and structures or modernisation for the execution of the foundation of the new system.
  3. Delivery and installation:
    • a complete flue gas treatment system,
    • a flue gas fan,
    • a filter bag and by-pass cyclone protection system,
    • a screw compressor.
  4. Obtaining all agreements, tests, opinions, and verifications and covering the costs of obtaining decisions and agreements.
  5. Commissioning, testing, and start-up of all new system equipment, carrying out final tests and measurements.

Branch: Power Generation and Heat Engineering

Location: Ełk

Design: Ecoserv

Execution date: 2022