SOx and NOx reduction system for Destylacje Polskie

In 2023 Ecoserv, acting in a consortium with Ecosorbtech from Kraków, executed an integrated flue gas treatment system for Destylacje Polskie Sp. z o.o., i.e., the system for the removal of sulphur oxides and nitrogen from flue gas from three steam boilers installed in the boiler house facility of Destylacje Polskie plant in Oborniki, as well as from two steam boilers installed in the boiler house facility of the Destylarnia Falmierowo Sp. z o.o plant in Falmierowo.

The works were carried out under two separate contracts for the Oborniki and Falmierowo plants. The total net amount of the contracts was approximately PLN 1,200,000, of which Ecoserv’s scope was approximately PLN 900,000.

Flue gas treatment systems based on dry sorption using sodium sorbents ensure the reduction of sulphur concentration in flue gas below the assumed contractual values, i.e., 400 mg/Nm3, and nitrogen below 300 mg/Nm3.

Scope of works:

  • Preparation of FGTS design documentation.
  • Supply and assembly of process equipment, including supply and assembly of a sorbent silo with a support structure.
  • Supply and assembly of peripheral equipment, including sorbent dosing system.
  • Participation in commissioning, training, and final acceptance of systems.
  • Execution of C&I, including delivery and assembly of electrical switchgear.

Branch: Food industry

Location: Oborniki

Design: Ecoserv

Execution date: 2023