Flue gas and other gas treatment systems

In the decarbonisation process of the Polish heat engineering industry, we are faced with the challenge of adapting the existing facilities to increasingly restrictive emission standards. The changes brought about by this process force us to look for eco-friendly and, at the same time, economical solutions that allow efficient operation of plants during the transition period.

Our team of engineers has developed technological solutions that allow us to reduce investment outlays while complying with emission standards, taking into account the latest BAT conclusions set out in the MCP, LCP, and IED directives.

Based on the DSI technology, we have introduced in-house product and process innovations that enabled the following:

  • reduction of capital expenditure to the necessary minimum,
  • minimisation of investment process duration,
  • optimisation of system operating costs,
  • minimisation of interference with the currently operating process system,
  • full customisation of the implemented solution, by adjusting it to the character of a given generating unit. This includes the chemical composition and structure of acid-forming substances in the flue gas stream,
  • scalability of solutions, in other words, the possibility to implement a functionally extended system for multi-annual operation, but also a portable system with an operating horizon of several years,
  • possibility of simultaneous reduction of SOx and NOx without the need to implement non-catalytic SNCR or catalytic SCR methods requiring intensive investment,
  • reduction to the required levels of the following harmful compounds (among others): SOx, NOx, HCl, HF, Hg, and heavy metals

The underlying premise is the implementation of a dry flue gas treatment process that:

  • maximises the energy efficiency of the system,
  • is compatible with non-catalytic and catalytic NOx reduction systems,
  • guarantees minimum maintenance intervals due to the simplicity of the system,
  • allows compliance with increasingly stringent emission standards,
  • minimises investment and operating costs,
  • is characterised by a relatively simple system design and flexible operation,
  • does not generate liquid process waste,
  • uses reagents that are easy and safe to use and store, with a lime or sodium bicarbonate base,
  • results in reaction products obtained as a result of dry sorption that are easy to store and transport,
  • is characterised by the absence of a steam plume on the stack.

ECOSERV FGTS is an innovative system for flue gas treatment, particularly for removing chlorine and sulphur compounds based on the dry method for medium-sized grate boilers from 1 to 50 MW. The system is designed to operate with ready-to-use dry sorbent dosed pneumatically from a big bag or silo emptying station directly into the flue gas duct. The dry sorbent is dosed into the flue gas duct at a point just downstream of the pre-dusting equipment (multi-cyclone), and the reaction product is caught in the bag filter and alternatively discharged into the slag trap. The correct length of the flue gas duct, the correct distribution of the sorbent in the flue gas duct, and the time of sorbent presence on the surface of the filter bags enable the sorbent to react correctly and comply with emission standards.

We offer:

  • The diagnosis of the condition of the existing system to develop a target solution tailored to our customers’ expectations.
  • Following the acceptance of the concept, preparation of detailed design documentation.
  • System implementation.
  • System commissioning and process optimisation.
  • Carrying out the necessary tests
and approvals required by environmental protection.
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee supervision of the system operation.
  • Spare parts.
  • Independent control system with the possibility of plugging into an existing master system.
  • Reagents required for system operation, tailored to our customers’ needs.
  • In justified cases, we enable the lease of the system.

We have:

  • An experienced team of engineers, particularly in mechanical, chemical, and process engineering areas.
  • Full execution facilities, allowing us to implement a turnkey project.
  • Our own assembly team.
  • Our own mobile DSI systems for on-site dry sorption testing or site demonstrations.
  • Measurement facilities.
  • Reagent supply logistics.
  • Patented solutions for the technology used.



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