Industrial fans

We manufacture and service industrial fans.

The name radial fans is derived from the main direction of the medium flow along the radius of the impeller. The operating principle of radial fans is the ejection of the swirled air mass due to centrifugal force. The fan housing has an internal spiral outline, and the impellers of radial fans have a fully welded structure.

The impeller design is developed for maximum efficiency and for use in various operating conditions. There are the following types of drives in radial fans: a direct drive, a drive via the clutch, and a belt drive.

The name axial fan is derived from the main direction of the medium flow parallel to the rotational axis of the fan impeller. The fan housing has a circular cross-section and it contains a ring with guide vanes together with an internal bearing of the main shaft.

A conical diffuser with an annular flange at the outlet is used to convert kinetic energy into potential energy. The performance of axial fans is adjusted by changing the angle of the vanes. In axial fans, there are the following drive types: a direct drive, belt drive, and a drive via the clutch.

We offer our customers a comprehensive fan service, ranging from repairs and inspections, through component replacement and modernisation, to relocation and major overhauls.

We carry out expert assessments of fans with regard to further operation, possible modernisation, as well as reasons for incorrect or uneconomical operation. We work with proven and renowned equipment from companies such as Schenck RoTec or Sensor.

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We operate in the area of innovative technologies for environmental protection, such as pollutant neutralisation, dedusting, and filtration dedicated to various branches of industry and power generation both in Poland and Europe. Our company is based on state-of-the-art and advanced solutions ensuring the reduction of pollutant emissions following European Union standards. We also have a wide range of equipment and installations for the heat engineering industry.

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