Material transport systems

We provide process solutions in the area of material solutions for many industrial and energy sectors. We specialise in the manufacture of conveyor systems providing the best design solutions that include chain conveyors, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, and systems for the transport of fuels (including biomass) as well as slag removal.

Biomass conveyers – biomass is an essential renewable fuel in the commercial
and industrial power generation sector. The transport of biomass to the boiler is linked to the combustion technique used. When designing the boiler fuel supply equipment, the distance over which biomass with specific properties is to be transported at a given capacity is considered. When transporting loose biomass (sawdust, pellets, wood chips) over short distances, screw conveyors are used. Belt conveyors are used if the distance between the boiler and the hopper is greater. Their design consists of a long belt mounted on pulleys, which can be additionally loaded. They are designed for fine biomass.

Belt conveyors are means of transport whose task is to move the mining output resting on a belt, which is pulled along the path made from roller sets by a friction drum drive. The material to be transported is conveyed by a belt, which is supported by carrier rollers and guided along the route by centring rollers.

Screw conveyors transfer the load using a screw that rotates in a stationary trough. The material to be transported rotates with the screw and, following the coils of the screw line, moves along its axis. Screw conveyors are used to transport dust, coal dust, slag, and all kinds of loose (and other) materials over short distances.

Chain conveyors have several key functions for recovering 
 and transporting slag, which is made possible, among others, by its quenching and draining of water. The wear-resistant materials or basalt aggregate used are intended to protect the structure from erosion and corrosion. The dimensions of the entire structure depend on the Customer’s individual needs and preferences. Chain conveyors ensure efficient slag recovery. The properties and purpose of chain conveyors make 
 them suitable for use in, among others, the metallurgy, mining, and broadly defined power generation sectors. Thanks to thoughtful design and durable structure, our proposal is competitive, providing efficient slag collection, cooling, and conveying in a compatible way with the existing system.

To transport the fuel in different planes (up to 90 degrees), chain conveyors are installed. They are flexible in terms of the particle sizes conveyed, which can be freely distributed along the chain length. To avoid dust emissions, they are protected by barriers. These conveyors operate at low speeds and with low loads.


Systems for transporting materials from their storage area are tailored to the individual needs of the customer – from the concept stage, through the system design, its manufacture, to its assembly and commissioning.