Cement, lime, and aggregates

By offering solutions for the cement, lime, and aggregate industries, our company can provide advanced systems that assist in controlling dust emissions and other air pollutants generated, for example, in the cement production process. The main components of the applied solutions have been listed below:

Bag filters and Cyclones:

We supply bag filters and cyclones to effectively separate dusts from gases in cement manufacturing processes. Bag filters use special bags or non-woven fabric to retain dust, while cyclones use centrifugal force
 to separate dust from the gas stream.

Electrostatic Precipitators:

Electrostatic precipitators are an advanced solution for dust removal. They use an electrostatic field to attract and collect dust particles, thus enabling effective air filtration.

Dust Recirculation:

The offer may include the supply of dust recirculation systems, which enable some of the dust to be reused in the cement production process. This not only reduces costs but also minimises material waste.

Gas Treatment Technologies:

Where cement production also generates gas emissions, the company can provide specialist gas treatment technologies, such as desulphurisation. This helps to reduce emissions of harmful substances 
 into the atmosphere.

Air Quality Monitoring and Control:

The offer may also include an air quality monitoring system, which enables continuous control of dust and pollutant emissions. This helps to ensure that the plant meets applicable regulatory standards.

Tailor-made Solutions:

Each project is tailored to the individual needs of the customer and the specifics of their production process. Our design department will ensure that the performance and efficiency of the filtration system are optimised.

Technical Support and Training:

We offer technical support and personnel training to ensure that filtration systems are properly operated and maintained.

Compliance with Standards and Regulations:

We ensure our solutions comply with current environmental standards and air quality regulations.

Energy Efficiency:

Our solutions are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, thus reducing operating costs and positively contributing to sustainability.

We offer solutions for the cement, lime, and aggregate industries to help production facilities meet environmental requirements while ensuring optimum production efficiency.

Examples of applications in each of the areas mentioned above:

LIME Dedusting Systems:

  • limestone crushing
  • limestone aggregate transport
  • limestone grinding
  • limestone dust storage
  • lime hydration process
  • finished product loading bays
  • finished product packing lines

AGGREGATE Dedusting Systems:

  • crushing of raw materials for production
  • transport of aggregate
  • screening and sorting of aggregate
  • aggregate drying
  • aggregate grinding
  • weighing of aggregate
  • finished product loading bays
  • finished product packing lines

CEMENT Dedusting Systems:

  • raw material crushing
  • transport of aggregate
  • cement storage tanks
  • clinker discharge and transport
  • fly ash tanks
  • homogenisation tanks
  • raw material scales
  • finished product loading bays
  • finished product packing lines
  • slag dryers
  • cement mill
  • clinker kiln
  • cement kiln bypass

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