About the company


The range of Ecoserv services includes:

  • General workmanship
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Inspections
  • Spare parts
  • Start-ups
  • Optimisations
  • Training and consulting

Ecoserv has a unique competence for complex environmental and power projects. In this respect, it uses its own resources, and in the construction work scope, it co-operates with proven subcontractors.

We have our own assembly department, which consists of persons with extensive knowledge of the assembly processes, construction management, and monitoring. Our employees are constantly working on construction sites in Poland and abroad. In the case of assembly by third parties or by customers, we offer supervision services.

Once the assembly and automation phase is complete, our service technicians carry out electrical, mechanical, and process commissioning. This means subjecting the system to a detailed inspection to reduce risks. The testing process involves adjusting the settings as closely as possible to the individual operating conditions. At the same time, our own measurements enable fine-tuning and ensuring that the agreed system operating parameters are fully achieved.
The customer’s personnel receive comprehensive instructions on the system’s functions and operation. The received documentation allows the customer to carry out periodic maintenance work on his own, guarantees the system’s high availability, and extends its service life.
Our service portfolio ranges from assembly and commissioning to tailor-made service and training packages. If we conclude an inspection and maintenance contract, spare parts will be replaced quickly, and system settings will be adjusted as required, thus minimising downtime, increasing operational safety, and extending the system’s life.

Rapid service response and spare parts availability are our strengths. We provide our customers with:

  • high-quality spare parts;
  • availability of spare parts and fast replacement or delivery;
  • maximum service life through the use of high-quality materials
  • delivery to any point in Poland and abroad
  • attractive prices adapted to market reality;
  • quick and easy identification of parts;
  • one-stop shop – the whole range of spare parts from a single source.

Inspection and servicing involve checking the system and its components for proper functioning, leakage, and damage, and detecting signs of wear early so that preventive action can be taken. The Ecoserv service team will inspect filters, fans, valves, screw conveyors, or dampers, while also checking control equipment and sensor technology. The inspection will be documented, and the team will recommend further measures. These measures will help to avoid unforeseen failures and repair costs.

System maintenance means implementing planned measures to keep the system running efficiently and effectively. This includes carrying out all inspections, checking the condition and quantity of consumables and auxiliary materials (and replenishing/replacing them as necessary), carrying out further functional checks, and replacing specific wear and replacement parts.

Our comprehensive knowledge of system commissioning enables us to handle the system commissioning processes at virtually any time, from the preparation of all necessary documents, through the acceptance and the individual stages of commissioning works, up to the commissioning of the system, taking into account the customers’ needs related to further system operation.

Our scope of services includes, among others:

  • Providing a commissioning team of specialists from various industries during the Commissioning phase of the System, including operation service.
  • Coordinating the activities of all participants in the investment process during the final phase of construction and assembly works.
  • Managing all acceptance activities related to the System Commissioning, 
in cooperation with the contractors.
  • Creating commissioning procedures and documentation.
  • Preparing the commissioning plan and schedule.
  • Preparing the necessary materials for commissioning works.
  • Carrying out and documenting technical tests of equipment and systems, verification of signalling, and technological interlocks.
  • Carrying out and documenting functional tests of all process equipment 
 and systems.
  • Performing an Adjustment Run.
  • Performing a Test Run of the system and preparation of the final commissioning report.
  • Personnel training