Metal and foundry

We present comprehensive filtration and dedusting solutions specifically designed for the metal and foundry industries. Our innovative equipment allows you to achieve the highest air quality standards in the workplace, minimise emissions and ensure optimum working conditions.

Main features of our equipment:

  • Advanced filtration: Our equipment has advanced filtration systems that effectively remove dust, fillings, gaseous pollutants, and other undesirable substances. This guarantees clean air inside production facilities and minimises negative health impacts.
  • Energy performance: We have introduced technologies to increase the energy performance of our equipment. This reduces operating costs and environmental impact, an essential aspect of sustainable development.
  • Intelligent controls: Our equipment has intelligent control systems that monitor operating parameters and automatically adapt the operation to changing production conditions. This ensures optimum use of resources and the maintenance of stable air quality.
  • Modularity and scalability: Our solutions are designed modularly, enabling easy expansion as production needs increase. This enables the practical adaptation of the system to the company’s changing requirements.
  • Safety: Ensuring safe working conditions for personnel is a priority. Our equipment is designed according to the highest safety standards and includes alarm and protection systems.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • Compliance with the standards: Our solutions comply with current air quality and environmental standards and regulations.
  • Image enhancement: By investing in advanced filtration and dedusting systems, a company demonstrates its commitment to protecting the health of its employees and caring for the environment, which can positively impact its image.
  • Cost reduction: Efficient dedusting minimises material and energy losses, reducing production costs.
  • Increased efficiency: A cleaner and healthier working environment translates into increased employee efficiency and reduced absenteeism related to health problems. In addition, the use of an energy recovery system reduces the costs of the production process.
  • Adaptation to the requirements: Our flexible solutions can be adapted to meet various production requirements, ensuring optimum results in various branches of metal and metal-forming industry.

We offer, among others:

  • dedusting systems for raw material transport and handling systems
  • dedusting systems for iron ore sintering lines
  • dedusting systems for furnaces and kilns
  • dedusting systems for mixers
  • dedusting systems for induction furnaces
  • dedusting systems for arc furnaces
  • dedusting systems for cupola furnaces with cold and hot blowing
  • dedusting systems for spheroidising stations
  • dedusting systems for automatic moulding and feed lines
  • dedusting systems for moulding compound preparation stations
  • dedusting systems for cast cleaning plants

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