Steel structures, silos

Operating on the basis of the latest global technology and in accordance with the highest quality standards, we offer the following types of steel structures (among others):

  • Supporting structures
  • Steel ducts for air, flue gases, and process systems with rectangular and round 
  • Heat exchanger structures
  • Reactors, scrubbers, and absorbers
  • Supporting structures for process lines and pipelines
  • Chain conveyors structures; structures for bulk material handling equipment
  • Design of machinery and equipment for various industries
  • Construction of quarter-turn staircases, service platforms
  • High-volume structures
  • Railings, ladders
  • Fittings, reducers, steel compensators
  • Silos, chutes, tanks, aeration chutes

Each proposal we make passes through the hands of our technologists and specialists who carefully select components and process solutions.

In the production process, we benefit from the rich experience gained over many years of activity 
in this field. This not only enables us to understand the most complex challenges 
but also, to make full use of the potential of owned equipment and machinery. Every component, from the concept to the final product, is thought through regarding reliability and impeccable quality, which are our hallmarks. As a modern company, we apply Industry 4.0 technologies in our production process. This ensures faster order processing and increases the quality of the products.

We carry out our projects based on precise technical documentation provided 
 by the customer or developed by our design team.
This process takes place in full compliance with the relevant industry standards and using advanced IT tools. Regardless of the specific industry in which our products find application, we can guarantee that they will perform their function.

Our engineers, designers, and certified welders meticulously supervise every stage of production. Due to the use of the highest quality materials, we can guarantee that our steel structures, including tanks and silos – bring a new dimension of precision to industrial solutions. We respond to the highest quality requirements, whether in the choice of raw materials, production processes, or advanced technological solutions.

We specialize in providing steel structures for professionals operating in various industrial sectors. Although our silos and tanks are built in Poland, we are proud to announce that meet the most demanding standards and expectations of customers worldwide. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to deliver top-quality solutions that revolutionise industrial processes. Not only do we offer the products, we also offer a partnership approach since we are ready to face even the toughest challenges. Regardless of the field in which your company operates, our steel structures are the perfect choice to guarantee optimum results.

ECOSERV catalogue

We operate in the area of innovative technologies for environmental protection, such as pollutant neutralization, dedusting, and filtration, dedicated to various branches of industry and power generation both in Poland and Europe. Our company is based on state-of-the-art and advanced solutions ensuring the reduction of pollutant emissions following European Union standards. We also have a wide range of equipment and installations for the heat engineering industry.

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