Power generation and Heat Engineering

The history of the establishment and development of the company ECOSERV can be linked to the thermal and commercial power industry.
The key stakeholders of the company have been active in this industry for several decades, being active participants in the changes taking place in the industry – both organisational and technological. The industry is probably currently going through the biggest challenge in its history. Faced with the so-called Green Transition, the main directions of change concern the adaptation of existing district heating and power generation systems to stricter environmental standards. The second area is the creation of new units mainly based on RES, and applying assumptions of a zero-waste economy. Both the energy and heat engineering sectors will gradually move towards a closed-loop economy.

ECOSERV has a wide range of technologies and solutions for the power generation and heat engineering sector to adapt the existing systems to increasingly stringent environmental standards, as well as for newly established units. We can provide a comprehensive service in a “design and build” model for biomass units, processing RDF, waste, sludge, and solid fuel.

We are a comprehensive technology provider in the following areas:

  • preparation and feeding of material into the boiler;
  • grate manufacture and assembly;
  • boiler delivery (manufacturer: external company, matched to the application);
  • design, manufacture, and assembly of a complete dedusting and flue gas treatment system;
  • design and execution of a complete automation system, including a master system;
  • execution of complex construction works (in cooperation);
  • start-ups;
  • acceptance;
  • optimisation;
  • commissioning.

The idea of ECOSERV is to offer solutions for the power generation and heat engineering sector. We do this by using the best technologies on the market while maximising the quality-to-price ratio. We are therefore fully aware of our focus on flexible, innovative solutions developed by our engineers. In particular, we develop DSI technologies, of which ECOSERV FGTS is an example. We hold several patents and utility model claims in this scope. We try to talk to the customer, explain the specifics of each solution, and then find the best solution together. We are aware that there are many players in the market. Some are interested in creating oversized, investment-intensive solutions that fulfil their purpose, but the investment outlays on their development are disproportionate to the results achieved. We aim to create environmentally friendly solutions, based on owned technologies and optimise the eco-friendly and economic effects. The solutions we use are characterised by the possibility of further expansion with minimum investment and interference with the existing infrastructure, thus enabling the plant to achieve increasingly higher emission standards.

With our vast range of products and solutions, we can provide a holistic approach. We look for optimisation, and we find a technological solution at every stage of the process, e.g. the maximisation of harmful compounds reduction, optimisation of boiler operation, energy efficiency, minimisation of sorbent consumption, maximisation of dedusting parameters, while minimising the use of filter materials and others.

Selected products for the heat engineering and power generation industry include:

  • dedusting with cyclone and multi-cyclone dedusters;
  • dedusting with cyclone filters;
  • dedusting with bag filters (horizontal and vertical ones)
  • reduction of SO2 compounds and other harmful substances to the levels required by EU standards;
  • dechlorination of flue gases per BAT conclusions;
  • NOX reduction using cost-effective, proprietary DSI solutions;
  • manufacture and supply of mechanical grates;
  • supply of conveyors, feeders, and conveying lines;
  • design and supply of automation systems;

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