HCI reduction systems in CEZ Chorzów

Ecoserv constructed the “Systems for HCl reduction in flue gas at CEZ Chorzów S.A.” upon the order of CEZ Chorzów S.A. based in Chorzów. The works were carried out in 2021/2022 and the net contract amount was approximately PLN 7,000,000.
The systems were constructed on two CFB 420 fluidised bed boilers fired by hard coal or a mixture of hard coal and biomass.
Dry sorption installations using SORBACAL SP calcium sorbents ensure a reduction of hydrogen chloride (HCl) concentration in flue gas below the assumed values, i.e., 100 mg/Nm3 (85% reduction level).

Scope of works:

  • Development of design, construction, detailed design 
 , and as-built documentation, including obtaining the necessary administrative approvals, i.e., environmental decision, building permit, and occupancy permit.
  • Construction work, including earthworks and execution of foundation slabs.
  • Supply and assembly of process equipment, including supply 
 and assembly of silos with a support structure.
  • Supply and assembly of peripheral equipment, including supply and assembly of sorbent dosing system.
  • Execution of C&I, including delivery and assembly of electrical switchgear.
  • Performance of works related to the connection of the sorbent feeding system to the flue gas duct in the power units.
  • Participation in commissioning, training, and final acceptance of systems.

Branch: Power Generation and Heat Engineering

Location: Chorzów

Design: Ecoserv

Execution date: 2021/22