Conveyors for Rydułtowy Heating Plant

Ecoserv carried out an investment task for VAS Systemy Energetyczne Sp. z o.o. at Ciepłownia Rydułtowy Sp. z o.o. consisting in the “Design and construction of a slag removal system for boilers No. 1 and No. 2” as part of the construction of a slag removal system for coal boilers at the Rydułtowy Heating Plant.

The works related to the investment were carried out under a contract concluded in June 2021 and ended with the commissioning of the investment in November 2021.

The net contract amount was approx. PLN 300,000.

The investment aimed to prepare the technical design, prefabrication of the equipment, mechanical assembly, electrical installation for the supplied equipment, participation in commissioning and start-up, as well as operator training and final acceptance.

Scope of works:

  1. Preparation and delivery of complete documentation necessary for the proper execution of the task, including, in particular:
    a) detailed designs
    b) technical and operating documentation and manuals for the installed machinery and equipment
    d) as-built documentation
    e) acceptance documentation
  2. Prefabrication of devices.
  3. Delivery and mechanical assembly.
  4. Electrical and C&I works related to the control system of conveyors.
  5. Commissioning and start-up.

Branch: Power Generation and Heat Engineering

Location: Rydułtowy

Design: Ecoserv

Execution date: 2021